Equipment Selection

Rockettes Families:  Helmets and Bats are available during games and practices courtesy of the Rockettes.  If you prefer to purchase your own Bat and Helmet, please refer to the sizing and selection charts below.


   Bat Certifications

When buying a bat you should see the following approvals on the bat.  Having these approvals on the bat will ensure that the bat can be used during game play.  All bats can be subjected to a check by the umpire.

Approved Bats Labeling

    Bat Sizing

Below is a bat length sizing chart that can help you size a bat by using your child’s height and weight.

Bat Sizing Chart

Face Masks

    Masks are required for all fielders (Started in the the 2015 Season).

Types can be metal or plastic:

Metal Face Mask Plastic Face Mask


Helmets must be worn when batting and must have a chin strap.

Helmet with Chin Strap 1 Helmet with Chin Strap 2

Sizing how to measure:

To measure a batting helmet size measure from the forehead around the end and back to the forehead, measuring the full head circumference.

Below is a Sizing Chart based on Head Circumference:

Helmet Size

Head Circumference

6 – 6-1/2

19” – 20.5”

6-3/8 – 7-1/8

20” – 22.5”

6-3/4 – 7-1/2

21.25” – 23.5”

6-7/8 – 7-5/8

21.5” – 24”

Glove Sizing

    Below is  a chart that can help you size a glove based on your child’s age and fielding preference.

Softball Glove Sizing Chart


Softball cleats must have rubber spikes, not metal.

Softball Cleats